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Justin Kan is the founder of Twitch which he sold to Amazon for nearly a billion dollars. In this podcast, Justin Kan and Mayra Ceja discuss how Justin founded twitch and sold it to Amazon for nearly a billion dollars and his daily habits to achieve happiness.

Justin Kan is also the founder of Justin.TV and Kiko. Kiko was part of YCombinators first batch that included Mike Seibel, the founders of Reddit, and Sam Altman who became the President of YC and founder of OpenIA. Justin has also invested in successful companies like Cruise, Ripley, and Zenefits.

But today, he is focusing on a new company called Atrium, a tech company that provides legal services to startups. Atrium has raised $75 million from top venture capitalists like Andreessen Horowitz, First Round, and General Catalyst among others.


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