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Podcast: Mike Novogratz: Founder/CEO of Galaxy Digital, a cryptocurrency investment firm 

This podcast episode features Mike Novogratz (@novogratz) and Mayra Ceja (@MayraCeja007), Host of Venture Unplugged. Mike became a bitcoin legend when he famously predicted its meteoric rise. But this episode is about so much more than just Mike’s legendary status. It’s about his stories of building confidence, connectivity, and resilience. Yes, and there is bitcoin and blockchain talk.

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In this episode, Mike and Mayra discuss.

  • Why he started Galaxy?
  • The Cryptocurrency speculative bubble 
  • Loss of privacy & Chinese payment apps
  • The Libra Project 
  • On giving back, social justice, and philanthropy

Prior to Galaxy, mike had his own meteoric rise from growing up middle class  to getting his undergrad at Princeton, starting his career as a helicopter pilot, eventually becoming Partner at Goldman Sachs and later partner and president at  Fortress Investment Group.

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Mike Novogratz Quotes

Advice for people just starting off their career:

“Don’t take it too seriously, focus on yourself and that self-growth, don’t put that off. The quicker you get to being okay with knowing who you are, and being okay with who you are, everything else is easier.

How to get confidence back:

“You get smashed, you get mitigated at times and you’re learning to get back up and dust off and get back into the mat and go get smashed again. That subconsciously helped me learn to just get back up. It’s just a resilience of spirit.”

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